LewRockwell.com – May 23, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011
Yet Another DC War on ___
This one on Ron Paul, says Susan Westfal.
One on One With Jesse Ventura
Al Jazeera interviews the “straight-talking tough critic of the US political system.”
Bleak Outlook for 2011 Grads
The luckier ones will get jobs that don’t required a degree.
11 Principles of Domination
Jack Douglas on the real US foreign policy in the Middle East.
‘Forbidden Archeology’
Anthony Wile interviews the highly controversial Michael Cremo.
Is the Tiny Economic Growth Spurt Over?
Key parts of the economy now have cement overshoes. Article by Bill Bonner.
Buy Silver at 10% Off
Kevin Brekke on using other currencies.
Was Stauss-Kahn Trying To Torpedo the Dollar?
And who’s behind the lynch-mob media circus? The leftist view, from Mike Whitney.
Whatever Happened to the Man Planet?
Brett McKay on curing the modern male malaise.
The Largest Floating Object in the World
A $10 billion dollar gas refinery.
How To Avoid Being Manipulated
By left-wing experts. Article by Sam Blumenfeld.
State Officials Dined on Human Flesh
As metaphor became reality.