LewRockwell.com – May 16, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011
The Predator State Attacks Google
For Big Pharma. Article by Lew Rockwell.
Armed Strangers Broke into My House and Killed My Dad
Did he deserve it because they were cops? Article by Will Grigg.
Planet Depreciated
Karen De Coster on fitness in the era of diminished standards.
A Real Corner on Stupid
Karen Kwiatkowski on our DC overlords.
The Coming Crisis Will Be Worse
Than the financial collapse of 2008, says Jim Rogers.
The New Emmanuel Goldstein
Is it China? Article by Paul Craig Roberts.
The West’s Shocking New Colonialism
Suppressed by the mainstream media. Article by Anthony Wile.
Time To Hate Hong Kong
In the tradition of other competitors of our financial overlords like Saddam, Gaddafi, and Iran. Article by by Silver Shield.
85% Move Back Home With $23K in Debt
So much for today’s college grads, says Alan Caruba.
Was Jack the Ripper a Royal?
Scotland Yard won’t open its 123-year-old files.
How To Hold a Handgun
Not so easy, but so important. Article by Nick Hosford.
8 Things You Should Never, Ever Eat
Joseph Mercola on the state-agri complex’s genetic engineering.