LewRockwell.com – May 11, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
A Knight Without Armor in a Savage Land
James Herndon on Ron Paul as Paladin.
Why the ‘West’ Is Attacking Gaddafi
He refuses to take orders. Article by Mike Rozeff.
Time To Get Rich
Gary North on what to teach your children.
Genocide Is Democracy in Action
Mark Crovelli on the taxing, warmaking, regulating, suffocating democratic state.
The World’s Largest Street Gang
They’re paid by the government, of course. Article by Will Grigg.
Would You Buy a Chinese Car?
Detroit, Japan, and Europe are praying to the Motor Gods that you won’t, says Eric Peters.
Obama Needs an Osama Makeover
Kenneth Rapoza on a conspiracy theory field day.
Is Government Really Necessary?
Joel Bowman on Morris and Linda Tannehill’s vision of a stateless society: The Market for Liberty.
Wrecking Our Children
Thomas Sowell on the “education” cartel.
Did Osama Deny Responsibility for 9/11/01?
Here’s an interesting September 28, 2001 interview.
Could You Be Prosecuted for Using Gold and Silver?
The Liberty Dollar case leaves the legal landscape muddy and threatening, says Bill Rounds.
Poker Is a Game of Skill
Not luck, says Freakonomics professor Steven Levitt.