Ron Paul Wins the SC Debate But Will the Federal Reserve Put Him in the White House?

by: Ron Holland

The Drudge Report announces tonight that according to CNN Poll, Ron Paul has the best chance to beat Obama of all the potential GOP candidates.

The Ron Paul Campaign is certainly making progress over four years ago but the difference between electoral success and failure might well depend on the economic and monetary consequences of Federal Reserve actions that could propel Ron Paul to the GOP presidential nomination in 2012. How ironic and satisfying if the Federal Reserve mistakes and policies do end up giving the GOP nomination if not the presidency to Ron Paul.

Today, Paul has won the first of many debates in the 2012 campaign. This time his supporters are too numerous and important to both Fox News and the individual state GOP party leadership for them to again ban him from the debates regardless of how much they want to silence his freedom and free-market message.

Another important victory today was that Ron Paul was allowed to debate at all. Remember, Ron Paul has come a long way from back in January 2008 when Fox News and the New Hampshire GOP establishment unilaterally excluded him from the NH debate forum.

I remember because I took 5 minutes before work that day and posted a very quick Protest Fox News Exclusion of Ron Paul From New Hampshire Forum webpage and it went viral and crashed my website and the server for days due to the outrage across America.

In addition, today there are growing numbers of GOP voters who favor a real American non-interventionist foreign policy and they realize Ron Paul was right in 2008 about the economy, the dollar, the national debt and the Federal Reserve. But just being right on these issues probably will not win him the GOP presidential nomination against the entire GOP establishment that is willing to do anything to stop Ron Paul.
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Reprinted with permission