LewRockwell.com – May 2, 2011 UPDATED

Monday, May 2, 2011
The Specter of bin Ladinism
Eric Margolis on what the US has done.
Osama bin Laden’s 2nd Death
Paul Craig Roberts on the Obama show.
The Justice System Is Criminal
Bill Anderson on crooked prosecutors and crooked judges.
You Can Get an $11,000 College Degree
Don’t be a sucker for the government game, says Gary North.
2 Hopes for Liberty in Our Time
Jacob Huebert on Ron Paul and the Internet.
The Petrodollar System Is in Decline
And the desperate aggression against Libya will not save it, says Peter Dale Scott.
Is GE Paying Its Fair Share?
Of course, says Laurence Vance.
Superman Renounces His US Citizenship
The Man of Steel joins thousands of other Americans. Article by Bob Bauman.
Start Your Survival Garden
But first, decide what you want to eat, says Perry Peacock.
Us vs. Them
It’s the old tactic of tyranny, says Simon Black, who also does an interview with Chris Martenson.
What Are Your Food Cravings Trying To Tell You?
Alice Smellie on our desires for sugary, fatty foods.
The Counterfeiting Party
We ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Article by Liam Halligan.
Can You Treat Hypertension Without Risky Drugs?
Safe and inexpensive olive leaf may help, says Pat Hagan.