Ding Dong…… the Witch is Dead?

by: John Jay Myers

Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, we can finally put a total price tag on this mission, as we shut down our bases in Iraq and Afghanistan and begin bringing our troops home over the next few weeks, knowing that our mission has been accomplished.

We can cut our offense/military/foreign aid budgets down to a manageable $200 billion instead of $1.2 trillion there by saving our economy and coming close to balancing our budget. Japan, Germany, and Spain will start picking up the tabs for their own defense, and a more secure world will begin to develop.

It is great to know that our economy will start to rebound since so many of our hard working soldiers will be going back to work in the private sector, the very act of them being home, buying shoes, homes, food, will stimulate the economy.

Now that the war on terror is over, we have learned our lesson and will no longer be in other countries putting in puppet dictators, taking their resources and trying to spread democracy through the barrel of a gun, we will know that the people of those countries will not feel the need to plot attacks against us.

Finally we can abolish the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA, the PATRIOT Act, warrantless wiretaps, the ‘state secrets’ doctrine, and other violations of Americans’ civil and economic rights, and we can have our constitution back.

And now that Unicorns will be shitting lollipops we can breathe easier because all Americans understand the importance of a foreign policy of non-intervention and what a bad idea it is to be worlds police at the bequest of our corporate masters.

Yeah right.

Reposted with permission from JohnJayMyers.com
John Jay Myers is a small businessman from Dallas, Texas and is a member of the Texas Libertarian Executive Committee and the Vice Chair of the Dallas County Libertarian Party.
Visit his website. JohnJayMyers.com