LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, April 30-May 1, 2011

Weekend Edition, April 30-May 1, 2011
I’ll Take the Reactionary Over the Murderer, Thanks Very Much
From the left, Charles Davis on Ron Paul vs. Obama. NB: some bad language.
Gary North Hangs Up on the NY Times
He won’t play the “phone interview” game.
Declare Your Independence From the Empire
Foreign and domestic. You must, says Mike Rozeff.
Pistol-Packin’ Papa
Manuel Lora on what he’s learned from a year of concealed carry.
Precious Metals vs. the US Dollar
Doug Casey on what’s ahead, and what you can still do about it.
The US Legal System Is Corrupt
And that’s the high-road to tyranny, says Paul Craig Roberts.
A Bull on China & Commodities, a Bear on the US & UK
Brett Owens interviews the Sage of Singapore, Jim Rogers.
Turning the Screws on Average Americans
Eric Peters on the noxious plague of big, greedy governments.
30 Charts You Must See
Before you buy or sell a house. Article by Michael David White.
Spend It Like You Stole It
Bill Bonner on Wall Street wives, stimulus scams, and hot dollars.
Student Loan Debt Hell
21 stats that may lead you to reconsider government-planned and subsidized higher-ed.
A Simple Way to Oral Detox
Pure oils can cleanse your mouth, teeth, and gums of damaging bacteria and funguses, says Edward Group.