LewRockwell.com – April 25, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011
Be a Guerrilla Juror
Don Doig and Stewart Rhodes on serving justice and undermining Leviathan.
They Died in Vain
Laurence Vance on US troops.
Investors Still Confident in the US Bond Market?
Warning, when it goes south, you could be looking at losses for 50 years, says Bill Bonner.
Frankenstein in London
David Franke on amazing new capitalist tech.
Sorry, Delivery of Your Silver Is Not Possible
Beware of the precious-metals storage scam, says Mac Slavo.
Prepare for Violent Crime
A step by step plan to protect yourself in the coming storm. Article by Chris Martenson.
Are They Demanding More Taxes?
You might not be able to renew your passport, says Mark Nestmann.
Bow Down to Gaia, or Mother Earth, or The Planet
A bit like Beelzebub, She has many names, says Brendan O’Neill.
American Ghost Towns
Of the 21st century. Article by Douglas McIntyre.
New Cures for Baldness
Around the corner? Article by Richard Gray.
Supermodel Infuriates Cancer Industry
Joseph Mercola on why some sunscreens are cancer-accelerating, and the safer alternatives.
Don’t Use Iodized Salt
Edward Group on the history, manufacture, and unfortunate content of table salt.