A Free and Equal Easter

A Free and Equal Easter


I’d like to share a story with you this Easter. When I was a child, I remember my Easter baskets filled with candy. I remember the jellybeans, the chocolate eggs, the chocolate rabbit, the cadbury cream eggs supposedly laid by rabbits that cluck like chickens.

Then there were the marshmallow peeps, the ones shaped like baby chicks. I remember being disappointed, because they came in multiple colors, and I hoped they would taste different. Yet despite appearances, the different colored peeps tasted the same.

Marshmallow Peeps

Today I have more serious concerns to occupy my time. Yet as I look at what the two major parties offer the American people, I’m reminded of this childhood experience. When you get past the surface, the two major parties are the same. First one gains power and then the next, but nothing ever changes.

At least the marshmallow peeps don’t leave a bitter taste in my mouth when I think of them. It’s too bad they’re not qualified to hold office!

Happy Easter,

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