Libertarian Presidential Candidate Jim Duensing supports abolishing unConstitutional federal agencies to make our Earth a cleaner place to live

Jim Duensing for President

Earth Day 2011 APRIL 22

I must admit, I got excited for a second. I thought Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was getting ready to break some big news on his 4/20 facebook town hall.

A question was raised about America's dependance on foreign oil. Obama began discussing the issue noting that there is both an economic dependency issue with foreign oil and an environmental issue with the pollution from gasoline powered automobile engines. There is an easy fix to both problems – and for a second, I had Hope that meaningful change was around the corner.

Instead, Obama dashed my Hope and left me with no change.

So, as a Libertarian candidate for President of the United States, I feel it is incumbent upon me to release this policy statement on Earth Day.

With one simple initiative, we could:

1. End our Dependence on Foreign Oil
2. Drastically improve the Air Quality in our cities almost overnight
3. Reinvigorate our struggling Family Farms, and
4. Revitalize America's once flourishing Manufacturing sector

This initiative, is actually just an Executive Order. On my first day in office, by Executive Order, I will fire all agents employed by the DEA, ATF, and the FDA. While this Executive Order will have many many benefits, chief among them will be the benefit to both our economy and our


Currently, America spends about $200,000 per minute on foreign oil. And the prices have risen since the beginning of the undeclared unConstitutional foreign wars of empire in the Middle East. It is long past time we stop trading American blood for higher prices at the gas pumps by switching to Henry Ford's fuel of choice, alcohol produced by Cannabis Hemp.

Cannabis Hemp is better than corn and sugar for conversion into alcohol fuel, because it has 4 times the biomass. For instance, 1 acre of corn produces about 500 gallons of ethanol per year. Whereas one acre of cannabis hemp produces 4000 gallons of ethanol per year. Cannabis Hemp not only has more convertible biomass, it also can be be grown in more places and be harvested multiple times per year. Talk about renewable energy.

By beginning to switch our economy from one dependent upon dirty foreign
oil to one powered by clean American Hempanol, America will become both more prosperous and more secure.


Ethanol and Methanol derived from Cannabis Hemp can be used to create both alcohol fuels for passenger cars and bio-diesel for tractor trailers. With cars in our cities burning clean American alcohol based fuels instead of dirty oil based gasoline and diesel from unstable foreign nations, the air quality in our cities will improve by greatly reducing and eliminating the burning of fossil fuels for our transportation needs.

On Earth Day, it is good for us to pause a moment and honor the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God and our responsibility to take care of the Earth as we have inherited it and to provide a better cleaner environment
to the next generation. Switching from dirty foreign oil to clean American Hempanol will help our local environments by drastically reducing the amount of carbon emissions required by our transportation needs.


Our family farms have been under attack by large multi-national agribusinesses. Eliminating the unConstitutional FDA, DEA, and ATF, thereby encouraging the domestic growth of nature's most versatile plant would offer our family farmers some much needed relief. Cannabis Hemp can be grown to help revitalize the soil during crop rotations. It was George Washington's chief cash crop. It was also a profitable crop for Thomas Jefferson. Indeed, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were written on Hemp Paper, it being the strongest and longest lasting paper available.

For literally hundreds of years, up until 1937, Hemp was one of America's most grown crops. Hemp paper competed with wood based paper. Indeed hemp paper is better than wood based paper and can be made more inexpensively. Hemp fiber was used in rope and clothing. Clothing made from hemp fibers lasts for multiple generations. In 1937, William Randolph Hearst and the DuPont Corporation conspired to outlaw their competition. Hearst owned a newspaper empire and had vast timber holdings. DuPont had just invented a new petroleum based fiber – nylon. Hemp fibers were cheaper and better than nylon.

Both Hearst and DuPont pushed the unConstitutional Marijuana Tax Act through Congress during the height of the New Deal Era in 1937. As a result, the agricultural production of Hemp dried up. Before 1937, Cannabis Hemp was a favorite crop of many farmers because it could be planted in virtually any kind of soil, it prevented weeds from taking root, and its uniquely deep root structure was beneficial for the soil. But, it wasn't just for crop rotation purposes, the industrial uses of Hemp are extensive and farmers like George Washington grew it as their primary crop.


America doesn't make anything anymore. That's a bit of an exaggeration, but not much of one. We invented the television. Many of our people watch hours of programming per day. Yet, today, we don't produce a single television in any of the 50 states. Since NAFTA and GATT, the giant sucking sound has been heard as the jobs left America and went to Mexico and China. Now, we have very very few manufacturing jobs. And, in my opinion, stacking Big Macs does not constitute a manufacturing job. We need real jobs. That make real things. Where Made in the USA is proudly
stamped on the side of some physical tangible item.

The fibers of the Cannabis Hemp plant are the strongest natural fibers in the world. Better than cotton for making clothing. It makes the best rope. Our textile industry was once the best on the planet – and it will be again when our green manufacturing jobs return from our domestic production of Cannabis Hemp. In these troubled economic times, our choice is between importing low quality slave labor t-shirts from China or producing the highest quality fine clothing right here in America. The choice is clear.


By effectively eliminating a couple of unConstitutional federal agencies, we can help get our economy off of life-support at the same time we reduce our carbon footprint. Our nation can once again produce some of our own products and soon enough become an economic powerhouse exporting our high quality goods to foreign markets. This measure will eliminate our dependence on and importation of dirty foreign oil at the same time it helps our economy become an exporter of manufactured goods. Let's quit spending $200,000 a minute on dirty foreign oil and start spending $200,000 a minute on clean renewable American energy.

If it improves GDP just 1 point, if it creates just one job, if it saves just one planet, let freedom ring.

“Make the most of the hemp seed. Sow it everywhere.” – George Washington