LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, April 23-24, 2011

Weekend Edition, April 23-24, 2011
He Builds a Mountain of Skulls
Mike Rozeff on what makes a great president great.
How Will the Empire End?
With a bang, a whimper, a thud. Article by Anthony Gregory.
Con Games and Currency Destruction
Gary North on the two and only two policies of every single central bank in the world, bar none.
Debunking Anti-Gold Propaganda
Doug Casey on how to be right and sit tight.
Auto Insurance Is a Con
Worse than Social Security, says Eric Peters.
Salute the Earth, Citizen
Though you are but a cancer upon her. Article by Ben O’Neill.
Martial Law in a Land of Confusion
Gary Barnett on what could be ahead.
Spending Cuts Are Meaningless
Unless we can hamstring the Fed, says Ron Paul, who is just the man to do it.
Expatriate Your Wallet
Terry Coxon on how to keep from getting boiled in government oil.
Bondage to Leviathan for All Americans
Scott Lazarowitz on Lincoln’s real legacy.
He Bothered the Government
So it seized Walter Reddy’s legally owned guns and railroaded him. Article by Tom Eddlem.
Pointless X-Rays, Needless Check-Ups
John Nash on the alleged need for routine dentist visits.