LewRockwell.com – April 22, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011
You’re a Horse, They’ve Got Spurs
Bob Wenzel on the Beltway power elite.
Barack Hussein Hoover?
Pat Buchanan, from a Republican perspective, on what might be another depression.
Save the Planet: Kill Yourself
Alan Caruba on the real Algorean beliefs.
Silver Set To Soar?
As paper folds. Article by John Browne.
Don’t Raise the Debt Ceiling!
Jeff Scribner on federal borrowing and economic disaster.
The Fed Is on the Ropes
Ron Paul has backed Ben Bernanke into the corner. Article by Tom Eddlem.
Is Prostate Cancer Screening a Scam?
Mike Adams on the 20 year study that concludes it has no benefit, except to the cancer industry.
Kitchen Fundamentals for Men
Matt Moore on basic knife skills.
It Depends on the Structure of Your Hands, Guys
Your success with women, that is, says Fiona Macrae on the latest study.
Martyred by the Ancient Roman State
The 1,700 year-old skeletons of two Christian saints prove they were buried alive for their beliefs.
What Toxic Chemicals Have You Used Today?
Margaret Durst on your food, home, and personal care products.