LewRockwell.com – April 19, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
The EU Crack-Up
Lew Rockwell on the inevitable outcome of UN-ism, fiat money, fractional banks, and bailouts.
The Real Reason for the ‘Civil War’
Believe none of the official tales, says Kirkpatrick Sale.
Egypt’s Revolution Has Just Begun
Perhaps this one won’t be run by the CIA. Article by Eric Margolis.
Humanitarian Mass Murder
From Waco to Libya. Article by Anthony Gregory.
The Economic Folly of a College Degree
From India to America, the state ruins something else. Article by John Tamny.
Buy Some Gold and Silver Every Month
But consider holding the gold outside of the US to avoid seizure by the feds, says Marc Faber.
You Can’t Believe the S&P
Peter Schiff on what the latest brouhaha is all about.
When Will It Be Enough?
Will Grigg on our domestic occupation.
The Capitalist in the Hat
Bob Murphy on entrepreneurship and Dr. Seuss.
The Worst Advice I’ve Seen in Years
Simon Black on buying “certificates of guaranteed expropriation.”
Hell on Wheels
What would a demon drive? Eric Peters has some hot candidates.
Algoreans Caught in Another Big Lie
The UN Warmers’ knowing deception about up to 200 million “climate refugees.”