LewRockwell.com – April 14, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011
Keeping Capital in a Depression
Doug Casey on navigating the financial no-man’s land.
Eat the Private Rich?
They are great social benefactors, says Walter Williams.
More ‘Pre-Crime’ Enforcement
Courtesy of the federal tax collectors.
Eat the Government Rich?
Darn right, says Thomas Sowell.
Gone: 4th Amendment Protection Against Unreasonable Searches
But Bill Rounds has a family protection plan to avoid prying eyes.
Eat the Savers?
That’s the society-destroying, Marxo-Keynesian motto of the Fed. Article by Doug French.
Getting Rid of Government Corruption
It’s not possible, and besides, it’s not the real problem. Mark Crovelli on the example of India that applies to us.
Buying and Carrying a Self-Defense Handgun
A simple guide for novices and long-time gun owners as well. Article by Brian Puckett.
Survival Coffee
A valuable commodity for enjoyment, staying alert, or barter.
It’s the canary in the gold mine, says Darryl Robert Schoon.
It’s a Sight Saver
Another health benefit of Vitamin D.