LewRockwell.com – April 8, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011
Civil War Make-Believe
Tom DiLorenzo on lying propaganda from the New York Times.
A Libertarian Allegory
Jeff Tucker on Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”
New LRC Political Blog
Lew Rockwell on those damn elections.
The Fed Promotes War
Or is that one of its reasons for existence? Article by Ron Paul.
Axel of Evil
Eric Peters on the politicians, bureaucrats, and lawyers who rob us of the best cars.
The Greatness of Gerald Ford
He repealed FDR’s edict against gold ownership. Article by Bob Wenzel.
Are ETFs Really Safe?
David Galland interviews Andrew Bogan on some matters of concern.
What Is the US’s #1 Export?
It’s inflation, says Jim Rogers, and the criminal Fed is pouring gasoline on the fire.
Bank Runs and Gold Confiscation
Richard Salsman on the first time.
Get Your Money Out, Pronto!
171 banks within 1K of failure. Article by Tyler Durden.
Deluxe Fallout Shelter Condos
Sales are up 1,000%.
How To Iron a Dress Shirt
It’s an essential life skill for men, says Antonio Centeno.