LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition , April 2-3, 2011

Weekend Edition , April 2-3, 2011
To Understand American Fascism
Think of the government as the goons, and senior management as the Mob bosses, says Gary North. As “insider trading” shows.
Harass and Collect, Not Serve and Protect
Just what use are cops to us Mundanes? Eric Peters wonders.
Gold Is Cheap
Precious metals could correct, says Marc Faber, but are poised to go higher in the long run.
Better Find Your Circumcision Records If You Want a Passport
Mark Nestmann on draconian new data gathering by the feds.
Nuclear Scandal in Japan
Mike Rogers on the disgraceful role of the US embassy.
Buy Disaster When you Can
Jim Rogers on Japanese stocks, oil, nuclear energy.
Now Is Not the Time to Play Games
With gold or gold stocks, says Morris Hubbartt, black swan events keep coming.
The Japanese and Gold
As usual, they get it right. Article by Jeff Clark.
Understanding the Government Con Game
John Tamny on Parkinson’s Law.
What Do You Put in Your Bloody Mary?
Max Davidson on the world’s most dynamic cocktail.
Skip the Doctor for These 7 Common Ailments
Try one of grandma’s old home remedies instead, says Joseph Mercola.