REALITY REPORT 87: Obama’s Libyan Lies | | In this edition of the Reality Report, Gary Franchi reveals the lies behind President Obama’s address to the nation on Libya and shoots down his justification to start an unconstitutional war. We have a clip with G. Edward Griffin on the Glenn Beck show explaining that the New World Order is taking over. Angie Ress runs down the latest headlines, including a car that runs completely on water. She also tells us about how the U.S. and the European Union are converging on internet privacy, and the rising radiation levels in Japan. We also have an exclusive interview with the former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson. He tells us his view on the Libyan rebellion. Jason Bermas is back with a new Punk Rock Politics segment about the upstate New York prison system. Plus, we’ll show you a commercial you’ll actually want to see on TV. As always, we see what you, the viewer has to say as we dip into the mailbag and we brand a new enemy of the state.