LewRockwell.com – March 30, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
So Much Killing, So Many Führers
Ralph Raico on the great wars and great leaders we’re supposed to admire.
Those Lying Textbooks
Gary North on why economists shill for the Fed (hint: they’re paid).
US Military Dictatorship
And the economy going off the cliff. Brian Wilson interviews Lew Rockwell.
Police State Scams
Inside the FBI’s terrorism factory, with Will Grigg.
American Hypocrisy
Obama takes it to an even higher level, says Paul Craig Roberts.
Racial Tests in Dayton
Walter Williams on what the Department of Injustice ordered.
They Make a Desolation and Call It Freedom
Dana Visalli on what the military has done to Afghanistan and Iraq and more.
Radioactive Particles Reach UK, Europe
As the Fukushima reactors leak highly contaminated water outside of the complex. Article by Richard Shears.
6 Knives
The essential tools for a man kitchen.
9 Ways To Prepare for Food Inflation
How to reduce the overall cost of feeding your family.
Want Less Fat, More Muscle, Sharper Focus?
Margaret Durst on the impressive health benefits of l-carnitine.