LewRockwell.com – March 23, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
A Brief History of the United States
As only Fred Reed can tell it.
Smackdown the Government
Tom Woods talks to Lew Rockwell about our moral and economic imperative.
Naked Aggression Against Libya
Lew Rockwell is interviewed by “Russia Today.”
The State’s Legitimacy
It’s going down the drain, says Charles Featherstone.
Obama the Illegal
Pat Buchanan on the dictator’s foolish and unconstitutional war.
Inflationary Nitwits
John Tamny on Dangerous Ben and his ex(?)-Goldman Sachs cohort Bill the Dim.
Illegal, Immoral Acts, Made Just
By Barack “Collateral-Damage” Obama. Article by Simon Black.
Think Like a Thief
To protect your gold. Article by Jeff Clark.
How To Keep Your Phone Number Private
Bill Rounds has some tips and tricks to keep your numbers out of the public eye.
It Gets Better As We Get Older
Barbara Strauch on the power and workings of the middle-aged brain.
Fed Loses Battle To Keep Bailout Data Secret
It must reveal to whom it handed out trillions of dollars. Article by Alex Newman.
Is Dirt Really So Bad?
Bacteria – and lots of them – are essential to the health and smooth functioning of the human body. Article by Steve Jones.