But Gaddafi is killing Libyans!

by: John Jay Myers

We will show him, we will show him how to kill some Libyans.

Our country keeps getting involved whether the story is “weapons of mass destruction”, or “slaughtering of their people”, or that “the guy is evil incarnate”. This is a civil war, and someone decided now was the time for side two to attack. Libya was absolutely no threat to us.

Unfortunately this is how we are sold wars, and then how we will be sold occupations, and then how we will be sold nation building, those are all things we can not afford.

Choosing a side in this civil war will have one major consequence, the side that does not win will start planning immediately on how they are going to exact revenge on us for destroying their lives.

I would argue that if we didn’t intervene someone saying “Those Americans didn’t get involved and spend billions and lay down their lives for our revolution, those bastards!” is probably not going to be a rallying cry that gets much support.

“Those Americans got involved and killed my family” however has a bit more bite.

Reprinted with permission from note by John Jay Myers on facebook.
John Jay Myers is a small business owner from Dallas Texas, Vice-Chair of the Dallas County Libertarian Party, and member of the Executive Committee for the Libertarian Party of Texas.