LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, March 19-20, 2011

Weekend Edition, March 19-20, 2011
US Makes War on Another Muslim Country With Oil
It has nothing to do with “humanitarianism,” says Lew Rockwell.
Iodine for Radioactive Fallout
Don Miller, MD, on what to buy, and how much to worry.
Milton Friedman’s Contraption
And how it’s running us over. Article by Gary North.
World Government and War
Mike Rozeff on what’s being done to Libya now, and us in the future.
Dollar Destructionism
Over to you, H. Parker Willis. Article by James Grant.
Fed Economists in Total Retreat
From “pinhead” Ron Paul and “cheap thug” Robert Wenzel.
The Great Anglo-American Gaddafi Deception
Ron Holland on what’s really going on.
How To Handle the Car Salesman
Get the car you want, at the right price and value for your trade-in, says Eric Peters.
The Fed Is a Sinister Joke
Thanks to the Internet, more and more of us know it, says Bob Murphy.
Are We Poised for Hyperinflation?
Michael Pollaro on the roadmap.
Hiding the Truth
27 signs that Japan’s nuclear crisis could be much worse than the pols say.
The Germiest Places You’ll Ever Visit
Know what’s lurking where, and what to do about it, says Joseph Mercola.