LewRockwell.com – March 18, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011
Gold or Uniformed Goons With Badges and Guns
Gary North on our essential choice.
A Rebuke From the Hive
Tom Woods hears from Commissar Yglesias.
Our Enemy, the Fed
Ron Paul on Bernanke’s latest crime spree.
Do We Face the ‘Big One’ and Soon?
Prescient geologist Jim Berkland says, Yes.
Piercing the Corrupt Veil of Bureaucratic Chicanery
Simon Black on what will do it, and why it’s happening soon.
Robert Reich as Lap Dancer
Bob Wenzel on the Keynesian’s plan to co-opt the Tea Party.
Nuclear and Economic Meltdown in Progress
Get your cash out of the bank and get prepared, says Chris Martenson.
The Government Lied
There is no more silver, says Eric Sprott.
Ave Google
The company has added Latin to its translation program.
How To Present Your Ideas and Arguments
So people will listen to you. Brett and Kate McKay on rhetorical style.
The Escape from America Continues
The wealthy, the talented, and those who have had enough are dropping out, says Bob Bauman.