LewRockwell.com – March 17, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011
Monetary Lunatics
Lew Rockwell on QE3 and the Bernank.
Another Fed Official Attacks Ron Paul
This arrogant gang of counterfeiters is terrified. Article by Bob Wenzel.
Obama Is Awful
But let’s not forget the crooks of Congress. Article by Walter Williams.
The Economics of the Japanese Horror
Sean Corrigan on how the government and central bank are increasing the suffering.
Want the Lowest Risk of Disaster?
Pick one of these five countries, says Simon Black.
8 Foods Rich in Iodine
The thyroid controls much of our metabolism, detoxification, growth, and development, says Edward Group.
After 12 Years They’re Still Illiterate?
Public schools are making too many potentially smart people stupid, says Alan Caruba.
The Presbyterians
They created the Scottish Enlightenment, said Murray Rothbard.
The Earthquake Map of the US
39 out of the 50 states have moderate to high seismic hazard risk, says David Gardner.

Welcome to the New Dark Age
Of green, renewable energy.

And the Winner of This Year’s Dodo Derby Is…
Joel Bowman on the state that takes the moron cake.
7 Low-Tech Tools
For primal living. Article by Mark Sisson.