LewRockwell.com – March 16, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
QE18 and WWIII
Marc Faber on what could be ahead.
Anarcho-Austrian Starfish
Lew Rockwell interviews Helio Beltrão on our movement in Brazil.
Time’s Almost Up
To get out of the dollar. Article by Simon Black.
‘Value Investors’ Hate Gold
You shouldn’t, says Robert Blumen.
Our Insane, Untouchable Military-Industrial Cartel
Eric Peters on how to save America.
Rich Liberals Despise the Poor
See the redevelopment hoax, says Thomas Sowell.
How They Murdered JFK
Ex-FBI agent reveals FBI, CIA, and Mafia cooperation.
A Knockout Blow to Japan’s Economy?
14 reasons why an economic collapse may have begun.
The 10 Most Expensive Cars
Built for select customers only.
No Fly
Won’t fly, says Ron Paul.
Who Will Buy the Bonds Japan Wants To Sell?
No one, says Bill Bonner, so look for dangerous money printing.
Seeing Is Believing
Margaret Durst on natural care for your eyes.