LewRockwell.com – March 15, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Is Libertarianism Compatible With Religion?
Laurence Vance on what Rothbard thought.
Good-Looking Women Are Not Taken Seriously
Which, says Gary North, they can use to their advantage.
He’s Back!
Eric Margolis on Muammar.
The Cold Turkey Bust
David Calderwood on bad times ahead – then a better America.
Gold-Backed Money
A comeback? Article by Andrey Dashkov.
Can Japan Rise Again?
Pat Buchanan on the worries.
Debt Makes a Comeback
Bill Bonner on the new bubble in the financial sector.
The World’s Largest Underground Freshwater Supply
It’s being pumped dry, says Mike Adams. Thanks to government-subsidized ag, disaster looms.
The Gathering Storm
Jim Quinn on the Fourth Turning.
‘Anonymous’ To Target Fed Cartel?
If so, it could be the end of Ben.
The Tea Party Cements the Patriot Act into Place
TP Reps. have shown their nasty, true face. Article by Bob Adelman.
Does Japan Face a Second Monster Quake and Tsunami?
There have been 100 quakes since Friday, but a large aftershock is likely.