LewRockwell.com – March 11, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011
Don’t Be Prejudiced Against Prejudice
It’s just the product of experience, says Ben O’Neill.
$7 an Hour To Watch TV?
Karen De Coster on price-shock, cable, and internet.
Memo to the Muslims
Leapfrog the West! Here’s how. Article by Mike Rozeff.
Bernanke’s Foreign Mercenary
Bob Wenzel on the Fed economist who called Ron Paul a “pinhead.”
Radicalizing the ‘Homeland’
Will Grigg on the fascist warmonger and crook Peter King.
Third-World Countries
Argentina and America. Article by Simon Black.
Capital Destruction, Hyperinflation Oblivion
The inflation engineers at the Fed are agents of systemic devastation, says Jim Willie.
Why Do We Listen to Liars?
Be they politicians or financial gurus, they tell us what we want to hear, says Bob Moriarty.
A Vast Hissing, Bubbling Cauldron of Toxic Waste
It’s the heartbreaking result of an Algorean wind power experiment, say Simon Parry and Ed Douglas.
Hair Loss?
It’s one of the most common signs of iodine deficiency, says Edward Group.