LewRockwell.com – March 8, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
History Proves Nothing
That’s why secession is a hot option, says Butler Shaffer.
Another Jolly Little War
Eric Margolis on Libya, a small, almost defenseless nation that can’t seriously fight back.
Charlie Sheen Is My Hero
He’s a one-man army of resistance against the therapy tyrants. Article by Brendan O’Neill.
Handouts, Morality, and Common Sense
Walter Williams on what we need to do to the federal government.
Barbarous Relic?
The gold bull market may be the biggest money-maker of the last two or three generations, says Richard Russell.
Bribing Other Governments
Only creates more enemies, says Ron Paul.
Is the New World Order Losing the Arabs?
Sean Gabb on what that might mean.
Want To Stop Junk Mail?
Bill Rounds on how.
The Paperboy
Daniel Flynn recalls the life, lessons, and fun of working as a boy.
Hillary Says ‘We’ Are Losing the Information Wars
You are, but we’re not, says Luis Almeida.
China To Finance Rival to the Panama Canal
Latin America is no longer DC’s “backyard.” Article by Bob Bauman.
Launching OPM into the Drink
The NASAssins’ latest $424 million flop.