LewRockwell.com – March 7, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011
Is Ron Paul Running for President?
Listen to his podcast with Lew Rockwell and decide.
The Lynching of Charlie Sheen
Or is it his cannibalization? Article by Anthony Gregory.
You Could Become an Amateur Historian
And get a promotion, says Gary North.
The Trouble With Rick Santelli
He needs Austrian economics to refute insufferable Keynesians, says Mark Crovelli.
Lies the Government Tells You
Paul Craig Roberts on jobs.
How Will We Fare in a Global Crack-Up Boom?
Mark Faber on more counterfeiting, a police state, and a major war, but survival better than some.
Should You Make the Chicken Run?
Doug Casey on becoming international.
Senior Fed Economist: People Are Calling Me Names
So I am taking down my post where I called Ron Paul a pinhead who makes stupid arguments. Article by Robert Wenzel.
The Vicious Mistreatment of Bradley Manning
It violates the Geneva Convention. Article by Glenn Greenwald.
Lightbulb Liberty
South Carolina makes the feds’ insane incandescent ban a 10th amendment issue, says Jerry McConnell.
The Boss From Hell
She’s in Congress, natch. Article by Jonathan Strong. NB: Bad language.
Are You Eating Toxic Food Dyes?
Joseph Mercola on what to avoid.