LewRockwell.com – February 28, 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011
Abe Lincoln Evil?
19th-century English classical liberals thought so. Article by Martin Kettle.
Don’t ‘Shut Down’ the Government
It will only strengthen the presidential dictatorship, says Paul Craig Roberts.
Classical Physics Beats Einstein
Tom Bethell on relativity and the priesthood of science.
Duke Lacrosse Victim
After escaping the lying, PC prosecutor and university, he is assaulted by the Obamalonians. Article by Bill Anderson.
Life Without State Overlords
Tom Woods on what it would be like.
The All-Seeing Eye
The back of your dollar bill comes true. Article by Stephen Lendman.
Partners in Crime
Mike Rozeff on public-sector unions and their government bosses.
Hooked by Money, Sex, and Power
John Perkins, the NSA/CIA economic hit man, is interviewed by Anthony Wile.
Mob Robbers and Rampant Looting
Expect group crime to rise as the economy collapses.
The Top 10 Handguns
A list worthy of intense debate.
Genetic Airport Feel-Ups From the TSA
You won’t believe the next outrage from the US police state.
Make the Medical Establishment See Red
Explore homeopathy, says Dana Ullman.