LewRockwell.com – February 24, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011
Paul Krugman Pulls the Race Card – From the Bottom of the Deck
John Tamny on the anti-Ron Paul, anti-Tom DiLorenzo, pro-Fed smear.
Understanding the Power Players
Robert Wenzel on shady string-pullers.
What a ‘Hate Group’ Hates
A counterintelligence report from Tom DiLorenzo.
Thinking of Leasing a Vehicle?
Eric Peters explains the pros and cons, and what to watch out for.
Much Higher Inflation Is Coming
Charles Kadlec on what to do about it.
The Middle-Class Money-Extraction Mechanism
It’s central banks plus stock markets, says the Daily Bell.
Who’s Behind the World’s Current Revolutions?
It’s Ben Bernanke’s counterfeiting, which causes food prices to soar, says Bill Bonner.
Predator States
Rapacious governments want more and more of your money. Article by Simon Black.
Want an Offshore Account?
Be very careful, as the tax police problems with the Swiss mount, says Bob Bauman.
Union Thugs and Political Thugs
Alan Caruba on the labor movement’s built-in corruption.
11 Foods That Speed Up Your Metabolism
They may give you the extra edge in weight loss, says Edward Group.