The Arriving Insurrection: The Unrest Is Over Different Things People!

All freedom-loving individuals should have their thinking and analysis caps on at all times. When unrest is seen, it is critical to do research on what the unrest is actually about, not just say, “Oh, they’re going against what the government is doing! I support them!”

There are a few differences between the unrest we saw in Iceland, Europe, the Middle East, and now in our nation in the case of Wisconsin. The unrest in Iceland was due to a banking takeover of the entire economy. It was very blatant, and the Icelanders fought the big banks off and instated state currency. Quite awesome, definitely proud of those guys. The same thing is going on in America but it’s a bit more crafty than that. An afternoon’s research and an evening “connect the dots” session will bring you up to speed.

The riots in Europe were due to austerity measures; or the government reigning in spending to slow down their spiral into oblivion. The countries in Europe include Greece, Spain, Portugal, and fill one in in the comments if I missed one. This was done to begin paying off their debts to the IMF and foreign debt holders. These European governments realize that those that own their debt can use that as leverage to pretty much loot the country. This is why I can’t stand it when people who claim they’re patriots hate austerity measures. It’s better to make good on our debts so the “credit rating” goes up and people have more faith in the currency, since that’s what most currencies are backed by now-a-days.

Most of the Middle East riots were thrown in response to tyrannical governments; and I say, good on them! I don’t care if the tyrant or new leader is pro- or anti-American, the fact is; when tyranny is enforced, riots break out; and when it is overthrown by the subjects, it is a worthy cause to celebrate over. So good on Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq (though we helped a little there), and those others who are attempting to overthrow tyrants in that hotbed of tyranny. Keep fighting for freedom!

Now this Wisconsin thing is a different story. Instead of fighting for freedom, the biggest stink coming out of that unrest is the teacher’s union and their supporters fighting to keep what they currently have (note, not promised to them). What do they currently have? An average salary of $46,390 per year (untaxed), which is roughly equal to private-pay salaries (minus the whole “untaxed” thing, and that’s actually beginning to be a big deal). Don’t forget to add a full benefits package; healthcare and dental insurance, etc. The only thing missing is a company car! Anyway, Gov. Scott Walker is 100% intent on cutting spending, and he’s advising people to stay out of his way and he has my support! Even though I don’t live in his state, I recognize the fact that I can’t have as much economic freedom if I’m sending my money off to some teacher some where. Even if I cared about that, these teachers are a joke.