LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, February 19-20, 2011

Weekend Edition, February 19-20, 2011
I’m So Glad I Was Fired – Twice
Gary North on the logic of outsourcing.
Mankind’s Bitter Enemy
Murray N. Rothbard on the rise of statism.
A Middle East Without America?
Let’s hope so, says Pat Buchanan.
Why Are You a Libertarian?
Because you abhor violence, says Harry Browne.
The Education Scam
Show us the money, says Bill Walker.
How To Make Your Home Your Castle
Bill Rounds on the options for privacy fencing.
Whew…That Was Close!
The powerful X2 Solar Flare bounced off the North Pole, but more are coming, says Mac Slavo.
America’s Last Piece of Honest Currency?
It’s the cupronickel, says Gary Gibson.
Creepy, Dangerous Dust Mites
14 tips for getting these allergy-generating pests out of your life. Article by Edward Group.
Ancient Brits Were Cannibals
Like so many aborigines, say Damian Thompson.
7 Antibiotics for Your Medical Stockpile
Cynthia Koelker explains each type and what it treats best.
How To Make a Secret Book Safe
It’s the age-old way to stash your treasures, say Brett and Kate McKay.