LewRockwell.com – February 17, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011
Warren Buffett’s Tax Baloney
Eric Englund on the duplicitous oligarch.
Tea Party Betrayal
It took 20 days for them to abandon the principles they were elected on, says Susan Lindauer.
Politics Is Criminal
Because the State is a gang of thieves. Article by Mark Brandly.
‘Zero Tolerance’ in the Police State’s Schools
John Whitehead on the state’s inhumane treatment of young people.
The Shame of Being an American
Paul Craig Roberts on the evil empire.
Deception at the Fed
Ron Paul on the criminal counterfeiters.
Gun Grabbers Lose a Big One
The Swiss reject irrational, fearful, lying, gun-ban rhetoric, says Dave Bohon.
Panama Obeys the US Empire
Simon Black on the abolition of banking privacy.
The FBI, Suspicious Terrorism, and Anthrax
We need an independent investigation, says Glenn Greenwald.
How Much More Demand
Can silver handle? Article by Jeff Clark.
Is It Lurking in the Outer Oort Cloud?
Bigger than Jupiter, massive Tyche would be the 9th planet in our system.
Got a Cold?
Take zinc, as even mainstream scientists admit.