LewRockwell.com – February 15, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Bait and Switch on the Nile
Eric Margolis on Egypt’s faux revolution.
US Intelligence
It’s criminal and stupid, says Fred Reed.
How Government Scams Us
George Orwell on politics and the English language.
Run Silent, Run Deep, Dude
Eric Peters on why the cops love to target certain vehicles.
Where To Be When Black Swans Appear
At your refuge, getaway, or family stronghold – in the country, says Bill Bonner.
Complete CPAC Straw Poll Results
The message is crystal clear, but don’t look to the lying GOP to implement it.
The Doomsday Asteroid
Scientists think it could be headed for the Earth.
Hey Feds, We’re Throwing Your Mandates Out
14 active 10th-amendment projects.
Opt-In for Physical and Mental Health
Play, long walks, and the great outdoors aren’t really optional at all, says Mark Sisson.
The Real Thing
Has the Coca-Cola formula finally been uncovered?
Don’t Worry, Be Happy, Sleep Well
Eliminating vitamin B and magnesium deficiencies can do the trick, says Margaret Durst.