LewRockwell.com – February 14, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011
Listen, YAF
Murray Rothbard on Young Americans for Freedom, bad long before its vicious, personal attack on Ron Paul.
Gandhi, Mubarak
And tough talkers who eventually slither away. Article by Gary North.
The Age of Gold
Robert Blumen is interviewed by Jay Taylor.
Packing Your Bug-Out First Aid Kit
The essential medical items you’ll need in a crisis.
The Real Tea Party
Charles Stampul on the Republican fraud.
Lessons in Manliness From the Egyptian Revolution
Yasser El Hadari’s life-changing experiences as a freedom fighter.
‘Atlantis’ Found?
A grid of streets, on the ocean floor, the size of Wales.
Hold the Celebration
Egypt’s struggle has just begun, says Stephen Lendman.
Politics of Hate
David Galland on parasites vs. tax victims.
Giving Chase: Egypt, OK
But what about America’s oligarchs? Article by Russ Baker.
A More Toxic Artificial Sweetener Than Aspartame?
Joseph Mercola on the dangerous science and politics behind Neotame.