LewRockwell.com – February 11, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011
Power-Elite Looting and Mass Murder
Murray Rothbard on Kissinger, the Rockefellers, and Arab killing.
My Association With Liars, Bigots, and Murderers
Tom DiLorenzo on his time with Congress.
Bless the State for Self-Defrosting Fridges
Or so claims the commander-in-cheek. Article by Jeff Tucker.
Christian Warmonger on Steroids
Laurence Vance on government mass murder and other family values.
Facebook Nation, Facebook World
Ron Holland on freedom in Egypt, and how it will spread.
When You Live in a Corrupt, Statist Country
Make corruption your friend, says Doug Casey.
Another Lying Pol in the Fed’s Pocket
And he mumbles as he smears. Article by Bob Wenzel.
The March Towards Capital Controls
It’s quickening, says Simon Black.
Forget College
Get a life instead, says James Altschuler.
59.9 Percent?
Thousands are running up credit-card balances at this rate.
Hyperinflation and Capital Destruction
Jim Willie on the mythology and official nonsense the Fed uses to justify QE2.
Jim Rogers and Doug Casey
They’re the two must-read authors for any commodity investor, says Kevin McElroy.