LewRockwell.com – February 9, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
The Rockefeller World Empire
And the death of Prince Nelson. Article by Murray N. Rothbard.
Strangling the Egyptians
Eric Margolis talks to Lew Rockwell about oppressed peoples yearning to breathe free.
How the War Machine Destroys the Economy
Tom Woods on what’s to be done.
The Fed vs. Widows
Gary North on bankers in $6,000 suits and their victims.
Are We Poised for Weimar?
Mike Pollaro on hyperinflation.
Buying Silver While It’s Still Relatively Cheap
The upside on the price is so hard to imagine that I don’t even try, says Richard Daughty.
Happy New Year 4708!
“Hoppertunities” abound as China enters the Year of the Rabbit, says Frank Holmes.
Don’t Let Them Kidnap Your Children
Learn how to prevent a government from attempting to exercise jurisdiction where it has none, says Bill Rounds.
Chocoholics Rejoice!
Chocolate has been classified as a superfood.
Can Jesse Ventura Put a Hammerlock on the TSA?
The lawsuits keep coming and the TSA keeps losing in court, says Jennifer Abel.
Do You Suffer From the #1 Chronic Illness?
Margaret Durst has a long list of natural remedies for joint pain.