LewRockwell.com – February 4, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011
The End of the Nation State
Gary North on the ultimate subversion.
Revolution in Egypt and Beyond
It’s about time, says Doug Casey.
Is that the eventual fate for the Egyptian revolution? Article by Mark Crovelli.
Death and Destruction Are So Heart-Warming
Will Grigg on pro-Army propaganda here and in the colonies.
9/11 Bombshell
WikiLeaks reveals some lies we were told.
The Tipping Point Is Past
Sweeping change is at hand, says Michael Edwards.
At Last, Afghanistan Endorses American Values
American bankster values. Article by Chris Maloney.
Is the US’s Financial Position Hopeless?
Yes, and I see only two ways to handle it, says Richard Russell.
Mr. Natural Rights
Ron Hamowy on the real Jefferson.
Targeting Tyrants
“Anonymous” shuts down the Mubarak regime’s websites. Article by Alex Newman.
A Masterpiece of Ignorance
Alan Caruba on the latest Algorean lies for power-elite riches and human poverty.
Here’s to Jack LaLanne
My inspiration for physical culture, diet, and health was an awesome dude, says Mark Sisson.