LewRockwell.com – January 25, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
John Maynard Keynes, Immoralist
And the great man who demolished his deadly pretensions. Article by Lew Rockwell.
‘Baby Doc’ Returns
Eric Margolis on the real history of Haiti, and the latest chapter.
The Barbarians Were Civilized
The Romans were not. Article by Gary North.
Submit! Obey!
Eric Peters on the tyranny of the Sacred Zone.
From Republican Prevaricators
Constitution-talk is just another trick. Article by Ron Paul.
The battle to become the world’s strongest. Article by James Lauber.
The Anti-Terrorist Witch Hunt
And the unfortunate Amerikan future.
It is, of course, the proper policy towards Confucian China, says Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.
Lost in a 6 Million Acre Forest
Lessons learned about simple, everyday perparedness.
The End Game Has Begun
Audio advice from Dr. Doom, Marc Faber.
The codeword to dismiss arguments against the gov/ag/pharma food-pyramid baloney. Article by Mike Adams.
How To Speed-Up Your Metabolism
Joseph Mercola on tips and tricks to burn fat and lose weight.