REALITY REPORT #77: New Illinois Tax to Yield Higher Quality Corruption | http://RealityReport.TV | In the 77th edition of the Reality Report, Gary Franchi breaks down the winners and losers in the new Tax scheme imposed by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. HINT: Government wins again. Angie returns to deliver the headlines including a story about Bill Gates’ global vaccination plot, new police blimps, House FOIA requests for DHS, oil prices and Jury Rights activist Julian Heicklen is summoned. We also play highlights from Danny Panzella’s recent investigation into History Channels Brad Metzger’s connections to DHS terror plots and the explosive video investigation of Rahm Emanuel. Gary also presents a never before seen interview with G. Edward Griffin about the truth of the Federal Reserve. Last weeks’ viewer poll results are reveled, the mail bag is sifted and a new “Enemy of the State” is branded.