LewRockwell.com – January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Dallas Fed Prez Attacks Ron Paul
The official counterfeiters are shaking in their handmade shoes. Article by Gary North.
More Lies About the Civil War
From the Washington Post, of course. Article by Tom DiLorenzo.
America’s Arab Puppets Are Going Down
And about time, too. Article by Eric Margolis.
We’re a Divided Nation
Thank goodness, says Walter Williams.
The Tunisian Revolution
Karen Kwiatkowski on what’s really happening, and what it presages for us.
Central Banks Around the World Scare Me
Jim Rogers on the gold price, and his appreciation for silver and rice.
Keep Your Home Address Private
It’s one of your most sensitive pieces of personal information, says Bill Rounds.
A Bunch of Statist Dupes?
Taylor Conant worries about WikiLeaks.
The Logic of Imperial Insanity
Andrew Gavin Marshall on the road to World War III.
Mountain of Fire
The spectacular eruption of Sicily’s Mt. Etna. Article by Lewis Bazley.
Our Incredible Shrinking Brains
Christopher Orlet on the signs that we’re getting dumber.
Are Good-Looking People Smarter?
Studies seem to demonstrate a link between physical attractiveness and IQ.