REALITY REPORT #76 – Giffords Attack Spins Out of Control | http://RealityReport.TV | Before even the dust settled in Tucson and families could take a moment to grieve their loss, the media was out in force pointing fingers, trying to place blame for Jared Loughner’s actions. Gary Franchi reveals the spin masters and grand standers in Reality Report #76 and Ernest Hancock from Freedom’s Phoenix joins Gary to provide his analysis of the spin and weighs in on the Gabrielle Giffords attack.

Ali Rizvi the CEO of Gripe Genie and partner in the Patriot Response Project makes an appearance to explain the power of the new online tool. Tad Lumpkin, the Director and co-creator of “The American Dream” joins the show to discuss his mega-viral animated short film. Also making an appearance is Pasha Roberts, the Director of the Animated Feature length film “The Silver Circle”. We’ll play you the exclusive trailer and give you a sneak peek at some behind the scenes footage from their Boston Studio. Angie Ress returns to break down the headlines and Gary reads the results from last weeks Viewer poll and dips into the mail bag to read your comments. And as always, we’ll brand some unlucky person as the new “Enemy of the State”.