LewRockwell.com – January 11, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Violence Is the Essence of Government
Keep that in mind amidst the agitprop. Article by Butler Shaffer.
Those Uppity Chinese
They don’t understand that the US is supposed to dominate the seas. Article by Eric Margolis.
The Hate Merchant
Bill Anderson on Paul Krugman.
A Question for Handout-Voting Congressians
Where is that justified in the constitution, asks Walter Williams.
College Degrees in Penury
Alan Nasser on the massive student loan debt bubble, and the dismal prospects ahead.
On the Shooter
Was he an “anti-government subversive”? Article by Simon Black.
Homeschooling Works
Numbers surge, students show impressive results. Article by David Bohon.
Never Let a Good Tragedy Go to Waste
Milo Nickels on the scheme to criminalize virtually any political discussion or comment.
The State’s Climate of Fear and Violence
That’s what we need to worry about. Article by Glenn Greenwald.
A Fibonacci Series, a Black Swan Event?
Richard Russell says to expect the unexpected in 2011.
Cooking Under Pressure
Mark Sisson on the magic of an old-fashioned pressure-cooker.
Eliminate Chlorine From Your Water
Like fluoride, it’s a dangerous toxin. Edward Group on how to get rid of it.