LewRockwell.com – January 10, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011
Geithner: the US Government Is Dead Broke
Better make sure you are not dependent on it, says Mike Rozeff.
Who’s Protecting Your Privacy Online?
Only you, and the threats will get much worse in 2011, says Mark Nestmann.
Get Your Filthy Hands Off Twitter
James Delingpole to Obama and Holder.
Criticize the State?
Then your rhetoric must be toned down. Article by Paul Joseph Watson.
The Coming Internet National ID
And the lies about it. Article by Robert Wenzel.
Decentralize Water Supplies
Scott Lazarowitz on solving the fluoridation question and other dilemmas.
1,180 Foreign Military Bases
Does the empire really have that many? Article by Nick Turse.
Reviving James Bond’s Jet-Pack
And other cool toys. Article by Matt Blake.
The World Goes Crazy
Bill Bonner’s history of financial plumbers.
I Haven’t Used Soap or Shampoo in a Year
And it’s awesome, says Sean Bonner.
More Infringements on Our Gun Rights
The BATF plans gun registration in states bordering Mexico, for starters, says James Heiser.
A Man’s Guide to Winter Breakfasts
5 hearty meals to fill your belly. Article by Brett and Kate McKay.