Shaun Lee – Friend to FPP & Many in the Movement – Needs Our Help

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UPDATE: 5:45pm 01-08-11

Just spoke with Shaun on the phone:

She is doing alright all things considered but is worried about her kids. She said the things people could do to help: 1) call hospital 573.882.8091 at and 2) call/send affidavits to vouch for her mental sanity to Lt. R Bemboom, Cole County Sheriffs Department, 301 E. High St., Jefferson City, MO 573.634.9160


If you haven’t already heard, friend and long-time activist Shaun Lee is in need of our help. She was pushed down the stairs by her husband and called 911 for help. Rather than assist the victim Shuan was just placed into a 96-hour hold at University of Missouri’s Physiactric Center.

Why? Her father-in-law is former FBI and is said to be friendly with area law enforcement.

For the latest updates and to get involved, join the Friends of Shaun Lee open group on Facebook (and/or contact Bill Stone, who’s on the ground: 605.610.9773

How to Help:

Join Friends of Shaun Lee

Call Univ. of MO Psych Center – (573) 884-1300 They may not admit she’s there, but it’s important they know she has our support.

Shaun isn’t just someone we consider a friend but has is an activist involved with LOT, LOLA, Individual Sovereign University, The Freedom Center of Missouri and other awesome outlets. Her personal blog is My Black Rock.

Thanks to everyone for their help on this!


From Diana Culda:

“Shaun Lee Dickerson’s husband pushed her down the stairs in their home earlier tonight. She is injured. Her knee is hurt. She called 911. The police called back to the house, they know her father-in-law (former FBI) and he told them nothing happened. This is a very bad situation.”

Posted to Shaun’s wall:

This is a FAMILY MATTER. Shaun is safe and fine. We decided as a multi- family intervention we had to step in. Once again she is fine and she is safe. She will NOT be on facebook for at least 96hrs. Dickerson – Zibers family

I later posted, “On the phone with Univ of MO – talked with Psych Center, ER and main hospital. Asked if friend Shaun Lee had been admitted (also asked for Zibers surname). Was told she was not in their records. Asked how long it takes for someone in their facility to be in their database and was not given a satisfactory answer.”

Mariko Geiger and Jay Hailey weighed-in and noted that the hospital couldn’t even admit Shaun was being held due to HIPAA, but Kurt Thomas Ezagui later wrote: “They can not say whether or not she is there but they can take messages and are required by law to give them to her. Therefore a call flood of positive messages could still do some real good and help her stay positive.”