LewRockwell.com – December 28, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010
Take That!
Lew Rockwell on paying back the anti-freedom plutocrats and banksters.
The State’s Indecencies
Will the Tea Party be one of them? Article by Butler Shaffer.
Theft By Mercantilists
Old and new. Article by Gary North.
Our Establishment Church
Charles Burris on its rules and credo.
The Evil of Fairness
Walter Williams on mercantilists and other advocates of tyranny.
‘We’re Fightin’ a War’
Civilian disarmament and the martial-law mindset. Article by Will Grigg.
After the Christmas Feasting
Try a 100-hour detox to get back in shape by New Year’s, says Alice Hart-Davis.
Get This Through Your Noggin
Social Security is not insurance. Article by Ron Paul.
The Father of Celestial Mechanics
Johannes Kepler’s laws of material attraction and planetary motion. Article by Rebecca Terrell.
Return of the Bear
Toby Connor on the market, the collapse of the dollar, and more hard times in 2011.
Nationalism Is Evil
Including the authoritarian left’s “new nationalism.” Article by Justin Raimondo.
Attention, Low-Carb Fruit Lovers
Mark Sisson’s guide to the best and worst for sugar content and nutritional value.