LewRockwell.com – Weekend Edition, December 25-26, 2010

Weekend Edition, December 25-26, 2010
No Room at the Inn
Lew Rockwell on Christmas, free enterprise, and government.
Soldiers Against War
John Denson on the WWI Christmas truce.
I Like Ebeneezer
A revisionist look at Dickens, from Butler Shaffer.
Jesus Christ vs. Social Conservatives
Then and now, says Tom Mullen.
The 12 Days of Christmas
Government version, from Laurence Vance.
TSA and the Christ Child
First, they came for the monk’s cheese. Article by G.C. Dilsaver.
No One Owes You Anything
A Christmas gift for my daughter, by Harry Browne.
Should You Vote for Tiberius or Herod?
Or, maybe you shouldn’t vote at all, says Frank Chodorov.
Hot Commodities
Jim Rogers on how inflation creates commodity mini-cycles. Article by Stefan Karlsson.
You Can’t Relive Your Childhood?
Sure you can, through recreated photographs.
The $583 trillion derivatives market is 900% bigger than the global GDP, says Richard Daughty, the Mogambo Guru.
Hordes of Doctors and No Solutions
When they fail, it’s time to take health education into your own hands, says Mark Sisson.