LewRockwell.com – December 24, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010
Bernanke Is Untouchable
Except by Ron Paul and the internet, which means Ben is going down. Article by Gary North.
A Mosque, Some Muslims
And a mob of non-Muslims. Article by C.J. Maloney.
‘Free-Market Zombies’
Bob Murphy on Paul Krugman vs. Ron Paul.
Tape One on Your Fridge
Doug Casey’s favorite quotes.
It’s Over, It’s Over…the Credit Card Is Maxed Out
Mac Slavo on the massive state and local government bubble.
Tax Polizei vs. Offshore Accounts
Who should participate in a coming “amnesty” program? Mark Nestmann explains.
From the Grave
Hayek slaps down Krugman. Article by Robert Wenzel.
Wikimania and the First Amendment
Eric Holder and company are in a panic, not sure how to proceed, says Ralph Nader.
US Anti-War Resistance Is on the Rise
WikiLeaks exposed how insecure government is when the truth gets out. Article by Kevin Zeese.
Is Bradley Manning Being Tortured?
Yes, by the merciless Prison States of America. Article by Glenn Greenwald.
War Is Hell, But Not for Hollywood
A new film, Empire, examines the movie-military complex.
The Greatest Pub Contest of All Time
Bryan Schatz explains dart games.