LewRockwell.com – December 21, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
The Smearing of Ron Paul
Bill Anderson on what the left has in store for Dr. Honest Money.
Scam and War Crime
Eric Margolis on Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the merchants and doers of death.
Black Education Disaster
Walter Williams on an expensive fraud.
Coda to a Government Killing
No justice for Derek Hale. Article by Will Grigg.
Letting You Keep Your Own Money
That is hardly a government subsidy. Article by Ron Paul.
A Two-Wheeled Hedge Against Inflation
Get a used motorcycle and ride it, says Eric Peters.
The Spy Who Taxed Me
Charles Glass on the Berserk States of America.
Help Them Take the Red Pill
Simon Black on helping your family and friends understand.
As the Parasite Fattens, the Host Weakens
Bill Bonner on the escalating process of zombification.
The Police State’s One-Way Mirror
Glenn Greenwald on Amerika 2.0.
The Real Reason for Red-Light Cameras
John Whitehead on yet another excrescence of American totalitarianism.
The Current Evil Empire
Brad Birzer on Tom Englehardt’s The American Way of War.