LewRockwell.com – December 20, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010
The Zombie Banks Feast
On you. Article by Gary North.
‘Just Keeping You Safe’
The Cheka checks in. Article by Will Grigg.
Police State USA
Neither you nor Brad Manning have any rights. Article by Karen Kwiatkowski.
Taxes and Slavery
Charles Burris on the historical parallel.
Who’s Getting Even Richer Off the Scanners?
The global power elite, of course. Article by Robert Wenzel.
Flag Proliferation Is a Bad Sign
A venomous nationalism now poisons the air, says Fred Reed.
Integrity in Politics and Government?
Not when you seek to control others. Article by Scott Lazarowitz.
Beltway ‘Libertarians’ Are Anti-WikiLeaks
This issue is the touchstone, says Justin Raimondo.
Busybodies, Nags, Control Freaks
Alan Caruba on the feds’ tyranny, which worsens daily.
Is the US the ‘Sick Man’ of the Globe?
Bill Bonner on what makes America what it is.
The First Rule of Survival
How to stay dry…and alive.
Mistletoe Can Be Magic
This ancient immune booster can counter the bad effects of traditional cancer treatment, says Gail Cox.